The research facility took a sabbatical while we rehabilitated our own property and developed a horse stud and facilities.


We are presently looking at promoting and assisting our neighbours' Wildlife Rehabilitation Facility, during this Unfortunate Covid period we are all experiencing. This exercise is costly and has always run concurrently with paying tourists to the Facility but since March 2020 that income has all but vanished.

Are you interested either as an individual, or in a small group to pay your way as a client, assist in the rehabilitation and day to day caring of all manner of creatures the public and Parks bring in for rescue, gain a life-skill experience, be accommodated in 4**** style with meals cooked for you in the presence of a variety of African calls to keep you company and sane? Then perhaps this is a sabbatical made for you!

Veterinary Science students who have qualified but do not have the means to open their own practise and are interested in an opportunity to glean experience or create something further, an opportunity here might suit you! The premises are registered as a practise with no resident Vet as yet. 

A Hundred years back, wild game roamed these vast forest areas of the Outeniqua and Tsitsikamma mountain ranges down to the coastal fringes. The largest buffalo in SA termed "the Giant Cape Buffalo" roamed these forests including Wild Dog, but due to human impact, their numbers dwindled into virtual extinction. Surviving free roaming species such as leopard, caracal, serval, honey badger, bush buck, duiker, Chacma baboon and vervet monkey still habitat the forests naturally, including the last remaining free roaming elephant that resides deep in the forest and ravines.

We do walk the trails in search of this truly great elusive mammal and will gather samples for analysis when found, in this unique Forest Ethology.

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